Community Alternative Center

In addition to suspending all client visitation until further notice;  effective  today, Monday, March 16, 2020; we will be limiting access by Jayne, the GED/Employment/Art Instructor and all church/bible study/AA/NA volunteers, until further notice.  They all have been notified of this change; and aware it is effective until further notice.

Jayne, the GED/Employment instructor will be providing educational materials for assignments for the clients that normally participate in her classes.  She is dropping off these “homework” packets to me today. She will not be coming for any art therapy groups, until further notice.

The clients will still be required meet at the same time that they normally met with her.  They can just work on their assignments at that time. They will still need to sign-in for documentation purposes.

We also are not going to accept any new intakes with work release privileges (until further notice).

We are also taking temperatures (using a “forehead” thermometer) of all clients entering/returning to our facility.  The Ohio Department of Health is recommending anyone with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, should seek further medical evaluation.  New intakes will also be asked a series of medical related questions, as part of a screening process upon admission.

Thomas E. Trittschuh, C.A.C. Program Director