Human Resources

Effective March 25, 2020, the staff in these departments will be working remotely.  If you need to reach us, you can do so by email or phone and we will respond as though we were in the office.  
Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.  

Contact Information: 
Human Resources
Kelly Christiansen
Phone: 419-774-5492

Central Services

Rachel Troyer
Phone: 419-774-6306

Risk Management
Jenny Phelps
Phone: 419-774-6318

What can be done online:
Regardless of change in circumstances, we will continue to respond to emails, phone calls and messages which are primarily with employees, other county departments and vendors

What can be done in person:
Nothing needs to be done in person at this time; meetings and hearings will either be postponed or conducted via an alternative method to be determined.  This will be decided on a case by case basis with the involved parties.  Our intent is to reduce and/or avoid contact to the extent possible while ensuring there is no disruption to the service we provide.

In the event it becomes necessary, staff in our department may work remotely; however, there will be no disruption of service to those we serve.  Should we need to work remotely, there will be signage at our physical office locations with instructions on how to reach us.  We will respond to phone calls, emails and conduct business as usual.