Community Works

The Community Control Work Program is a program designed to help the community as well as those who are incarcerated, the program consist of Inmates working in the community, as well as all county buildings, and the county jail. The program has targeted the non-violent misdemeanor, that have been sentenced by a judge to do a certain number of days, the program also entails working with the litter program, to help clean the county roads as well as the assisting with any task that the county has at the time. The Community Control Work Program Coordinator Deputy Witzky constantly supervises the work program inmates. Some of the duties of the program are cleaning county roads, working with all county agencies, also working with the maintenance department, painting, building and any task the Sheriff deems necessary. A sign is put up along the road to protect the Inmates from any injury, due to traffic; the sign is called "Inmates at Work". The county maintenance department utilizes this program, to assist in the many tasks that will otherwise not get done, due to their many immediate responsibilities, such as county lawn care, endless furniture moving, sweeping parking lots, etc. This program is a much-needed asset for the county as it helps the community save countless time and money, which would otherwise, be done by paid employees. Employees who could better use their maintenance abilities to serve the county. The Inmates in return, have a chance to get out of their jail cells, and put back into the community, work ethics, skillful job training, and a sense of accomplishment, that will make them think about what they have done and, ultimately be done with the long life of crime, the program also gives the inmate the sense of making the community a better place to live for the whole community. The Community Control Work Program is available 12 months out of the year, 5 days a week.

The ultimate goal of this program, is to help make the community a better place for you and I to live in, using the qualified inmates that are incarcerated.