2019 Goals and Objectives

Corrections Bureau

Goal #1 – Review, Modify, and Update All Jail General Orders

Objective 1 – Direct the Policy Team to meet at least 10 days to review jail general orders and best practices for their effectiveness, identifying weaknesses and revising as needed.

Objective 2 – Develop and implement general orders for the Transport Division.

Objective 3 – Develop and implement a general order compliance check process ensuring officers are following these orders.

 Goal #2 – Obtain Facility Certification

Objective 1 – Seek state certification in maintaining 100% compliance on all essential standards.

Objective 2 – Seek state certification in maintaining 100% compliance on all important standards.

Objective 3 – Pass health inspection with zero deficiencies.

 Goal #3 – Improve Facility and Staff Security

Objective 1 – Increase security by adding at least one security camera for the jail.

Objective 2 – Develop and implement the usage of a retina scan for identification verification of inmates.

Objective 3 – Research the usage of NARCAN in the jail. Develop and implement the usage of NARCAN if funding is available.

 Uniform Bureau

Goal #1 - Improve Follow Up and Investigations in A Timely Manner.

Objective 1 -      Supervisors review RMS monthly for each deputy to make sure all open cases are being addressed timely.

Objective 2 -      Supervisors do a better job with reviewing cases to make sure all required information is attached.

 Goal #2: Improve Self-Initiated Activity By 20% For Each Deputy.

Objective 1 -      Assure civil papers and sex offender verifications are taken out and tried daily. Paying attention to service dates.

Objective 2 -      Increase roadway safety by increasing vehicle stops in both villages and the rest of the county.

Objective 3 -      Each deputy do at least two Intel forms a month.



Goal #1: Continue to reduce and maintain the number of items held by the Property Room.

 Objective 1 - Complete a minimum of (2) two destructions of disposable property & (1) one sale of disposable property in 2019.

Objective 2 - Send out property dispositions timely to include; items submitted the prior month and (1) one Property Room selected storage location.

Objective 3 - Organize the Property Room storage areas and reissue bar codes for aged property as number of items decreases.


Goal #2: Work to improve organization of Training Operations

 Objective 1 - Create and maintain a yearly calendar of all Office training.

Objective 2 - Create and maintain a list of all Office trainers/armors.

Objective 3 - Identify areas for which additional trainer/instructors are required.

Objective 4 - Post, fill and certify/train a minimum of (2) two Law Enforcement personnel for all identified areas of need.

Objective 5 - Ensure CALEA standards are met within the Training Section.


Goal #3: Maintain the Organization of Office Records

Objective 1 - Organize and identify locations of Office Records Storage

Objective 2 - Maintain the labeling and inventory of all records in their storage location(s)

Objective 3 - Scan all outdated documents so paper copies may be properly disposed

Objective 4 - Properly dispose of all records per approved Records Retention Policy


Goal #4: Update and Maintain Computerization of Office Equipment/Vehicles & Inspections

 Objective 1 - Enter all tracked vehicles and equipment into RMS

Objective 2 - Complete training of RMS modules for Administrative Sergeant

Objective 3 - Create and maintain a list of all required regularly maintenance/inspections.

Objective 4 - Administrative Sergeant to complete semi-annual vehicle/equipment inspections to verify RMS data.


Goal #5: Update and Implement Abandoned/Junk Vehicle Process

 Objective 1 - Develop Abandoned/Junk Vehicle Tow Checklist

Objective 2 - Train staff and vendors on new process

Objective 3 - Implement new process by June


Goal #6: Update Standard Operating Policy

Objective 1 - Update policy for Emergency Medical Dispatching

Objective 2 - Update policy for Emergency Police Dispatching

Objective 3 - Review and revise all other Communications policy as needed

Goal #7: Return Staffing to the Authorized Level

Objective 1 - Complete the hiring procedure by mid-February.

Objective 2 - Hire personnel and begin the Field Training Program by the end of February

Objective 3 - Complete the Field Training Program and release personnel as manpower

 Goal #8: Update and Improve 911 Infrastructure

 Objective 1 - Update/Remodel 911 Dispatch Center

Objective 2 - Update 911 CAD computers and monitors

Objective 3 - Reorganize and update onsite radio communications equipment

Objective 4 - Update radio and telephone recording hardware/Software & add a redundant system.

Objective 5 - Begin the update of Cassidian hardware/software.