Wastewater Treatment FAQs

Public Works
General Information
Phone Numbers
419-774-4002 Main 419-774-5519 Billing
Fax: 419-774-4003
Emergencies: Dial 911
1740 Fleming Falls Road

Office: Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Billing: Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 3:00PM
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General Questions
Do I need to do anything before I dig and repair my sewer line outside?

Yes, you are required to purchase a permit from the Richland County Wastewater Department, located at 1740 Fleming Falls Rd, Mansfield, Ohio 44903. At that time simple instructions will be given to you.

Do I need a permit to abandon the sewer line if the building is being demolished?

Yes, a permit is required from the above location, so that we can inspect for proper abandonment. Instructions will be made available at the time the permit is acquired.

Why is my sewer bill so high?

Check your billing statement to be sure that it is an actual reading. If it was estimated there is a problem that needs attention, call our office, (419) 774-5519. If it is an actual reading you may have a leak, go to our WATER LEAK page for information.

Can I be put on a payment plan?

You receive a bill monthly, if you prefer to send your payments in weekly or bi-weekly we can process them. We cannot setup permanent payment plans.

Can I make payments by phone or credit card?

No, all payments must be made by check, money order, or cash at the billing office window only.

Will you shut my service off for non- payment?

Unlike other utilities we will not shut off your service for non-payment. If your overdue bill is not paid it will be rolled onto the property taxes. If the property is vacant it will receive a minimum monthly bill unless you provide us with proof of an electric or water shutoff.

If I am renting can I request the bill be sent to me?

No, due to the fact that we cannot shut the sewer service off, any unpaid bill will be rolled onto the property taxes. For this reason we require that the property owner make arrangements with us to instruct where they want the sewer bill sent.

Will you install my meter?

No, once you purchase the meter from our office you will be given instructions for installation into your plumbing. You will then call us to make arrangements for final inspection (419)774-4002.

Where can I purchase a water meter for sewer billing?

Our office will have most residential meters in stock, when you buy the meter at 1740 Fleming Falls Rd. installation instructions will be given to you. Payment is required at time of purchase.