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A small water leak can run up a large sewer bill. If you think your bill is unusually high you may have a water leak.

Here are some easy ways to check for a water leak:

Your water meter has a small blue dial under the glass cover that is under the hinged plastic lid. This little blue dial should not be turning if all of your water faucets and appliances are off; if it is you are leaking somewhere.

Your toilet may be the culprit, remove the tank lid off the back of the toilet and check that water is not running over the vertical overflow tube. Next put a few drops of food coloring into the tank on the top of the bowl and wait a few minutes to see if it bleeds into the bowl portion of the toilet, if it does you have a leak..

Also a malfunctioning water softener recycle timer may be the problem.

If you still need assistance call us (419) 774-5519 or (419) 774-4002.