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Richland Newhope/Richland County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides services and supports to Richland County children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout their lifetime.

We offer Early Intervention services for children up through 2 years of age, which may include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Preschool is also available for both typically-developing children and those with identified special needs ages 3 to 5. Therapy services are available in our preschool program.

A variety of services are available for school-age youth that can help to remove barriers in the home and school, to develop plans and skills for independent living, employment, and community access.

Families who have loved ones with disabilities residing at home can receive support through the Family Support program. This may include respite care, equipment, trainings, etc.

We assist individuals in choosing the day service program that best meets their needs and support adults to develop skills and opportunities that will help them obtain and keep a job of their choosing.

Our Service and Support Administration assists individuals and families in developing and coordinating a person-centered plan. We also help recruit, training, and monitor service providers.

Residential supports include Raintree, small group homes, and other supports that allow adult individuals to reside in their own homes or apartments.

Newhope Therapy Services provides occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy supports in the home, in preschool settings, our outpatient rehab unit, and at several school districts through contract arrangements.