Map_of_Richland_County_Ohio_With_Municipal_and_Township_Labels Plymouth Township:  Plymouth township was organized Feb. 12, 1818.  Abraham Trux was the first settler in Plymouth township.  He built a cabin on the northwest quarter in the spring of 1815.  The Village of Plymouth was first settled in 1815.  The village was first called Paris, but at its incorporation in 1838, the name was changed to Plymouth.  Plymouth has the distinction of being in two counties - the main street running east and west, being the line between Richland and Huron counties.  The post office is on the Richland county side of the line, the town is therefore always referred to as being in Richland county. 

Cass Township:  The first settlement in Cass township was made in 1815, by John Long and John McCart.  Both families came about the same time, but McCart built the first cabin in the township, and Long the second.  The first town laid out was called Salem, the site being a mile northeast of Shiloh.

Blooming Grove Township: Bloominggrove township was organized March 4, 1816.  The first road in the township was cut in September, 1814, by General  Beall’s army, and was called “Beall’s Trail.”  This road entered the township from the east, near its southeast corner, passing to the northwest through the present sites of Shenandoah and Rome and leaving the township near the center of its west line.

Butler Township:   It was organized March 5, 1849, and named “Butler” in honor of Gen. William O. Butler, of Kentucky, a distinguished officer of the Mexican war, and a candidate for vice president on the ticket with Gen. Lewis Cass, in 1848.  Jacob Foulks settled in Butler in 1815, and entered land on the Whetstone Creek.

Sharon Township:  The first settlers of Sharon Township, were Mathew and Joseph Curran, who settled there in about the year 1815.  Previous to the organization of Sharon Township the territory belonged to Blooming Grove Township.  The organization of the township took place in the year 1823.

Jackson Township:  Jackson township was organized March 2, 1847.  Its early history is connected with that of Sharon township, of which it had prior to its organization been a part.  The late Robert Cairns suggested the name of Jackson in honor of “Old Hickory.”  The first cabin in Jackson township was erected by Mathew Curran, in the spring of 1816.

Franklin Township:  Franklin township was organized on June 4th, 1816 and was named after Benjamin Franklin.  Several families moved to the township near the same time. 

Weller Township: