Eclipse 2024 & Richland County

On Monday, April 8, 2024 Richland County will be in the direct path of a total solar eclipse.  At approximately 1:57 PM Eastern time the eclipse will begin for Richland County. History will be made in Ohio that day since the last total solar eclipse was in 1806. The next total solar eclipse in Ohio will be in the year 2099.

Richland County leaders are expecting a large presence of out of county travelers to visit.  With the help of Richland County Sheriff's Office, Richland County Emergency Management Agency and County Commissioners, we are offering several tips and facts.

Traveling Richland County

With Interstate 71, US Routes 30 and 42 cutting through Richland County, expect most travel to be delayed. It's imperative that visitors and residents abide by all traffic laws. All citizens are encouraged to plan ahead.

  • Gas prices surged during the 2017 total eclipse, fill up your vehicle's gas tanks a few days ahead of the eclipse.
  • Abide by all traffic laws.  Buckle up, don't speed and by all means drive sober.  
  • Please find a safe place to watch the eclipse. Do not park along interstates, state routes and local roadways.  This is dangerous to all travelers both driving and walking.
  • Have patience. Travel immediately after the eclipse will be slow. Please be courteous to fellow travelers. If we all work together then delays will be shorter.

Communication and Cellular Networks

During the Eclipse of 2017 communications and cellular networks took a huge hit.  Most cell towers were overloaded with calls causing delays or outages in phone service. It is essential to plan ahead for these types of disruptions.