Richland County Job Opportunities

All employees and applicants for employment will be recruited, hired, promoted, transferred, demoted, laid off, terminated, suspended, evaluated or otherwise dealt with in a fair and equitable manner based solely upon merit, fitness and such bona fide occupational qualifications as each individual might possess. No personnel decision shall be based upon race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, disability or other non-job-related criteria.

I understand that a false answer or material omissions may be grounds for dismissal from Richland County.
Job Title Employment Type Job Announcement Salary Range Department Posting Date Closing Date
Agency Attorney 1 Full Time Job Announcement $28.18 - $47.06, dependent on experience Children Services 09/27/2023
Full Time Caseworker Full-Time Job Announcement $18.85 Children Services 09/04/2023
Records Clerk Full-Time $15.74 per hour, with annual increases Sheriff 08/24/2023
Cook Part Time Job Announcement $13.00 Dayspring Assisted Living 08/23/2023
Resident Care Attendant or STNA Full & Part Time Job Announcement $13.00-$15.00 if STNA Dayspring Assisted Living 08/23/2023
Eligibility Referral Specialist 2/Employment Services Counselor Full-Time Job Announcement $17.51 per hour or more dependent on degree Job and Family Services 07/27/2023
Unit Support Worker 2 Full-Time Job Announcement $15.32 per hour or more dependent on degree Job and Family Services 07/27/2023
Bailiff (Probate Court) Full or Part-time Job Announcement $18 - $20 Probate Court 07/26/2023
Assistant Prosecutor, Criminal Division Exempt Salary commensurate with experience Prosecutor's Office 07/25/2023
Service Coordinator Full-Time $17.43 06/28/2023
Intake Assistant Prosecutor - Criminal Division Exempt Commensurate with experience. Prosecutor's Office 03/28/2023
Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor Job Announcement $20-$25 based on license/experience Community Alternative Center(CAC) 01/03/2023
911 Dispatcher Full-Time $19.16 - $24.23 Sheriff 06/01/2022
Corrections Officer Full-Time $19.90 - $26.07/hour Sheriff 06/01/2022
Deputy Full-Time Sheriff 06/01/2022
Medical Sheriff 06/01/2022
Special Deputy Sheriff 06/01/2022

You can print the Application for Employment by clicking the link.