General Information
Phone Numbers
Main: 419-774-5678 Visitation: 419-774-3281
Fax: 419-774-5646
Emergencies: Dial 911
73 East 2nd Street

8am - 4pm M - F
7am - 10am and 5pm - 9pm

In 2008, Richland County opened a state of the art new Jail Facility with the capacity of 266 beds, in accordance with the Ohio Minimum Jail Standards. The City of Mansfield has combined their efforts to work with Richland County by housing all inmates in the Richland County Jail.

The majority of inmates housed in the facility are awaiting trial.

In addition, an auto attendant has been put into place for civilians to call in and get information on inmates. Example, if you wanted to know when an active inmate is to be released, you could call in and retrieve this information automatically via the phone. Please dial 419-774-5678 and carefully listen to the prompts.

Visitation Policies

Effective: 6/18/22: 
Visitors shall enter the Richland County Jail through the Visitation Lobby located on the south west corner of the building. All visitors are subject to security controls that have been established by the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

Visitation with inmates must be scheduled prior to the visit by calling 419-774-3281 between 8am-8pm Monday-Friday. Walk-ins will not be scheduled. Visitation hours are Monday-Friday from 7am - 10am and 5pm-9pm. Visitors may only schedule a visit up to two weeks in advance. Inmates may receive one, 30-minute visit per scheduled visit day per 7-day period (no splitting visits). If you visit an inmate whom you are not scheduled to visit, you will lose visitation privileges for (90) days. ALL visitors MUST be able to provide a VALID photo ID. 

NO contraband or weapons are allowed to enter the building. NO purses, bags, coats, weapons, tools, food, drink, cellphones, electronic devices, or any of the likeness will be permitted in the lobby area.  These items will be left on the coat rack in the lobby. Richland County Jail is not responsible for items left or stolen from the lobby area.

Sending Money Policy

Effective: 6/18/22: 
Family and friends may deposit money in an Inmate's account during the hours of 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Monday-Friday by using the Kiosk located in the visitation lobby, or on-line by visiting www.accesscorrections.com.  Credit Cards are accepted using the Kiosk NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  THE LOBBY IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC ON THE WEEKENDS.

Mail Policy


Physical mail addressed to incarcerated individuals at the Richland County Jail will be scanned and distributed digitally on the inmate terminal and tablet. This policy is in place in order to maintain facility safety and security. To ensure your mail gets delivered, you must include the full facility name and state where the facility is located, as well as the inmate's unique Jail ID number. Please also not that the sender's full name and physical address must be clearly written on the top left corner of the envelope. 

New mailing address:
Facility Name Inmate Name, Inmate Jail ID Number
PO Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

For Example:

Richland County Jail
John Doe #12345
PO Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Exceptions include privileged (legal) mail sent from legal or governmental institutions. Other exceptions may apply.

As a reminder, your family and friends may also exchange digital messages with you online or on the 'GettingOut' mobile app.

Medication Policy

Medications that are in the original manufacturer’s sample packets may be accepted as long as the medication container is not opened.

Medications not packaged by a pharmacist or manufacturer such as those in a daily, weekly, or a monthly pill reminder container, and non-prescription medications which do not contain a prescription label, SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR APPROVED.

Medications may be permitted upon approval by the Jail Physician following criteria which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The medication is in its original container with a pharmacy (prescription) label. A container may include a blister pack when packaged by a pharmacist and is in compliance with the pharmacy label requirements as listed:

A pharmacy label is affixed to the container and includes at least: First and last name of the inmate; Prescription number; Date filled; Number of pills in the original container; Medication name; Medication dose; Directions for use; Name, location, phone number of the filling pharmacy; and the Name of the prescribing practitioner.

The medication inside the bottle matches the information on the pharmacy label as indicated above.

Medication containers with mixed contents will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Open or unsealed prescription bottles of liquids, injectable meds, sprays, or creams SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

All medications shall be verified by the medical staff PRIOR TO DISPENSE.

Over-the-counter medications SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Phone Policy

The inmate Phone system is managed by IC Solutions. If you have questions about the phone system, including acceptable use and rates, billing issues, prepaid accounts please contact IC Solutions toll free at 1-888-506-8407 (24 Hours per day) or www.icsolutions.com