A.S.O.R.T. Team

Allied Special Operation Response Team (A.S.O.R.T.), was formed through the Richland County Association of Chiefs of Police and the Sheriff. ASORT personnel are drawn from various police agencies throughout the Richland County area.

In today's sophisticated society, law enforcement officers are facing dangerous ordinance at the criminal's disposal. This has made it quite evident to the Chiefs of Richland County that a uniformed police response to certain situations have a high probably to be disastrous. This is where the necessity for a highly-trained team of officers to meet this aggression against society comes into operation.

ASORT, being a highly-trained group of officers from different departments in Richland County, works as a team to neutralize a threat. Job duties range from hostage/barricaded subjects, raids, rescues, hazardous search warrants, security for dignitaries, suicides, stakeouts and other duties where the expertise of ASORT may be the best option and the request of a Chief of Police or Sheriff.