Wildlife Emergency

Please note that the Gorman Nature Center does not raise, rehabilitate or release injured or orphaned wild animals. It is illegal to leave animals at the Gorman Nature Center before or after business hours, or to release animals on park property. We are happy to answer questions about your injured, abandonded, or problem animal and guide you towards the appropriate wildlife rehabilitation facility. 

If you have an obviously injured animal, please call one of the following licensed rehabilitation facilities:
St. Francis Center, in Bellville, OH, at 419-688-9140 
Wildlife Haven, in Crestline, OH, at 419-683-3228
Birds only- Ohio Bird Sanctuary, in Lexington, OH, at 419-884-4295

For out of area wildlife service, click here

Found An Animal?

Please read the following information and take recommended steps before calling Gorman Nature Center:

If you have found an animal that may need assistance, find the correct animal below and read through the information given. If you still have questions (including what to do with orphaned or injured wildlife) you can visit the Division of Wildlife's Species Index page. This page has information on each species that has been documented in Ohio, as well as information on those that are most frequently seen by humans as injured or abandoned. 

If you still have questions after reading through these resources, call the nature center during business hours at (419) 884-3764 and ask to speak with a naturalist.


White-tailed Deer