The most visible division of the Sheriff's Office is the Patrol Bureau. The Patrol Bureau is responsible for enforcing the criminal and traffic laws of the State of Ohio.

There are currently 39 sworn deputies. Twenty-one (21) are assigned to road patrol who are under the Operations Bureau Commander. Included in the (21) are (3) Lieutenants and (3) Sergeants.

The Patrol Bureau services a land mass of 454 square miles and an estimated population of 54,000 of the 127,342 persons living in the Richland County area.

Deputies in the Patrol Bureau area assigned to one of three watches;

  • A-watch covers the hours of 0600-1400 hours or better known as 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM;
  • B-watch covers the hours of 1400-2200 hours or better known as 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM; and
  • C-watch covers the hours of 2200-0600 hours or better known as 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM.

The Patrol Division is under the umbrella of the community policing philosophy. The Bureau recently changed from the split model of community policing to total community policing. This means that all Deputies are involved in Community Policing Programs.

In 2000, the Patrol Bureau handled 4,163 general offense reports, 20,341 minor incident reports and 75 traffic crash reports for a total of 24,579 calls for service. Besides calls for service the Patrol Bureau issued 1,973 traffic citations, 707 summons and served 1,463 civil papers.

In 2001, the Special Deputy Division provided over 3,600 hours of service to the citizens of Richland County, in support of the mission of the Sheriff’s Office.

If someone is interested in becoming a member of the Special Deputy unit, applications may be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours.